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Y.A.M. Tunku Dara Tunku Tan Sri Naquiah binti Almarhum Tuanku Ja'afar DKYR, PSM, SPTJ, JP, AMN, PJK.

The eldest of the six siblings of Almarhum Tuanku Ja'afar ibni Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Tunku Dara studied in Malay Girls College, Kuala Lumpur before pursuing her studies in New York and London. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics/Political Science from the American University in Cairo. Upon returning to Malaysia, she began a successful Public Relations (PR) career during which she received a distinction for her Diploma in Public Relations from the Malaysian Institute of Public Relations (IPR) in 1971.

She is a Director of Syarikat Pesaka Antah (SPA), Director of Hong Leong Industries Bhd and Syarikat Pendidikan Staffield Bhd. She is also the Governor of Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar in Pajam, Negeri Sembilan and chairs their finance and planning committee as well as their external relations committee.

In 1980, she ran a finishing school the first of its kind which provides personal development courses called Ecole de Belle Jeunesse. These included courses on etiquette, formal dining and public speaking and which she continues to conduct today.

She is currently the chancellor of the International University College of Arts and Science.

She is actively involved in the Kuala Lumpur Speakers’ Club, which she helped found in 1970 and is the President. She is :

  • Patron of the Dance Society of Malaysia.
  • Patron of the Kiwanis Down Syndrome Centre Seremban.
  • Chairman and the board of Trustees of the Tuanku Najihah Foundation.
  • Chairman of the English Speaking Union Malaysia.
  • On the board of Trustees of Tuanku Ja’afar Educational Trust.
  • Consultant for Malaysia Tatler magazine.
  • Chancellor of International University College of Arts and Science
  • Member of Umno Ibu Kota and the Malay Chamber of Commerce of Federal Federal Territory both of which she was one of the originators.
  • Chairman of the Womens Institute Negeri Sembilan from 1969-1972.
  • Former Trustee of the National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur for five years and was Chairman of the Youth Section of the Muslim Women Welfare Board, which she started in 1974. Known today as Putri Islam, the Society was very active under Tunku Dara’s leadership from 1974-1979.

She has compiled coffee table books entitled “Royal Album”, “The Malaysian Monarchy” and the “40th Ruby Jubilee”.

Her aims and aspirations are to see women improving their lot in society, business and sport and strives towards that end.

Her hobbies are dancing, singing, swimming. She used to play tennis, badminton and squash until recently.

Tunku Dara is married to Y.M. Tunku Kecil Besar, Tunku Datuk Mudzaffar Bin Tunku Mustapha and the couple is blessed with four children, one son in law, two daughters-in-law, a grandson and a granddaughter.

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